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We believe that our employees are the key to our success. We are committed to recruiting individuals of the highest caliber and maintaining a professional and friendly staff.


MARS VALET is a North Hollywood owned and operated entity, instantly differentiating itself from its competition. With over eight years of parking and valet managerial experience, the team is locally rooted and noticeably experienced. MARS Valet is committed to enhancing the level of valet performance, raising the bar to area business and customers and providing a unique and ultimately satisfying experience. MARS Valet provides expertise in situation analysis and client relations. This is a company built on one-on-one, honest, face-to-face communication with clients.
Founded in 2000 MARS Valet Service employs more than 100 part and full time team members as well as an on-call staff. Dedicated team members, paid above industry standards, invest the extra time and effort it takes to ensure customer satisfaction. A crew of personable and professional valet and support staff illustrate our core, patron-oriented values.